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Our company conducts annual fire safety training

Our company conducts annual fire safety training

In order to strengthen employees' safety awareness and enhance their ability and speed to respond to emergencies, our company held an annual fire safety training on December 28. The training was presided over by the general manager, Mr. Qian Jian, and included four links: popularization of fire safety knowledge, use of fire-fighting appliances, understanding of factory fire-fighting facilities, simulated fire fighting and personnel evacuation. Popularization of fire safety knowledge Mr. Qian Jian publicizes the content and significance of fire safety to employees, emphasizing "Life safety is more important than Mount Tai", "Life safety is before property safety", "Prioritize the protection of fire protection facilities" and other aspects of our company's fire safety work philosophy. Mr. Qian Jian emphasized: The fire is fierce, and life and property are vulnerable to the fire. Unlike other accidents, after a fire, human life and property are turned into fly ash. Therefore, both companies and individuals must put fire safety in the first place and keep the belief in fire safety in mind. Afterwards, all employees under the leadership of Mr. Qian Jian and our safety supervisor Zeng Yutang understood and explained our company’s 4 fire passages, 5 fire hydrants, and various fire extinguishers, and emphasized that the fire passages and lives should not be blocked at any time. aisle. Focus on explaining our printing workshops where flammable materials are used and warehouses dedicated to storage of related materials, including possible hazards, possible accidents and response conditions. In front of the factory, all employees participated in the simulated fire-fighting activities. By simulating the fire situation, they were familiar with the use of the dry powder fire extinguishers equipped by our company. Including the film blowing workshop, printing workshop, bag cutting workshop, other business departments, etc., representatives were sent to participate and designated as fire extinguishers in the event of a fire. In order to deal with a possible large-scale fire, the drill used fire-fighting water pipes for fire-fighting operations, including the installation and connection of fire-fighting pipes, and actual fire-fighting operations.
The company launches

The company launches "Understanding occupational hazards" activities to enhance employees' self-protection

Approaching November, in order to effectively improve employees' awareness of occupational disease prevention, the company launched a special activity "Understanding Occupational Disease Hazards", focusing on in-depth on-site methods to increase the learning and publicity of occupational disease hazards. In order to implement the "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" and the "National Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Plan (2009-2015)", and to strengthen employees’ understanding and awareness of occupational disease hazards, the company launched the special activity "Understanding Occupational Disease Hazards" last Friday. “Main instructions and warnings for the job position” and “Occupational Disease Hazard Notification Card” are posted in eye-catching positions to allow employees to understand the occupational hazards and points of attention that the company may face in production. In order to ensure that the learning is carried out effectively and does not affect factory production, the company organized employees in batches to study the above two documents. After studying, some employees said that they have limited knowledge of occupational hazards in the working environment and how to prevent them. After this study, they have an image and a comprehensive understanding of what occupational hazards are and how to prevent occupational hazards. Understand the importance of occupational disease protection, and will actively cooperate with the company's production safety regulations and protection requirements in future production activities to protect their own health and safety and ensure the smooth progress of production.
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Advanced banana bunch cover production equipment

The factory has the most advanced plastic packaging bag production equipment and original stripe printing banana bag equipment


Advanced bag production line


Also has a number of advanced bag production lines


Highly educated management team

The company's management team consists of a highly educated, high-quality personnel to ensure high efficiency and provide customers with the best quality products


Regional advantages and tax exemption policies

The company has a unique regional advantage and enjoys the duty-free policy of the bonded zone


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